Who Is Crimson Tate?

Crimson Tate :: Modern Quilter started because of an obsession as many things often do.  Constructing non-traditional patterned quilts with contemporary, vintage, & repurposed fabrics which create a modern twist is what created the stir.  Engineered by Heather Givans, Purdue University graduate of Art History, Art Education, and Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking, her quilts are good design coupled with an attention to craftsmanship. Heather learned to quilt when helping her mother fulfill a 30 year dream of learning to sew. Together, the two of them set off to quilt camp in middle America where Heather fell in love with fabric, texture, patterns, and little old ladies with endless sewing knowledge. With a ready cup of coffee, a little too much cream, and some great folk tunes, Heather used to work on new designs and drew inspiration in her basement located near Lake Superior in Duluth, MN. Ya sure you betcha. Now she works on new designs among the hustle and bustle of Mass Ave in Downtown Indianapolis and offers quality fabrics, patterns, notions, and sewing classes at 845 Massachusetts Avenue.

10 thoughts on “Who Is Crimson Tate?

  1. Heather…I am interested in beginning to quilt. I am a seamstress of 50 years and FACS teacher (as you know) and now that I am retired, I am looking at expanding my sewing to the quilting field. If I can come down and help you in any way, that might be a great opportunity to get my craft started…as well as helping you get ready for your grand opening. Let me know if you have some time blocks in which you’d like me to visit.

  2. Would next Tuesday 8/30 be good for you? I would come about 11. Do you need me to bring a machine, serger, etc.?

  3. Heather.. this is just the coolest thing you are doing! Katie just sent an email to me, asking if I had known about Crimson Tate.. ?? So of course I had to tell her the good news.. For sure !! I loved looking at your pages.. and sent this adorable little bio on to her and Sarah.. Any chance you might be interested in coming back to Quilt Camp in the near future? The ladies always ask about you.

  4. Heather,
    We absolutely LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your store! It was so GREAT to see you! Can’t wait to come back!
    Peggy and Bonnie(from the past) =)

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